Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who's Traveling With Who Now?

This is an update as I see it as of the end of 2012...

-As of right now it appears that J pod, for the most part, is no longer doing their obvious split groupings - Group A and Group B. I'll keep the prior post as is, because it gives the breakdown of who's where, and goes with the posts of the last couple years.  It might not hold true in the future.  The whales will let us know :)

-However, they seem to still be traveling pretty much in those groupings when traveling as the full J pod. Sort of like how we like to be with our friends.  No different.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Group A and Group B

Who Belongs Where in J Pod Group A and Group B?  (List Updated end of October 2016)

Starting in 2010 J pod began spending time in split groups. 

For the most part they have kept their split group configuration the same.

I began calling them Group A and Group B.
It was easier than listing their names/numbers all the time.                
Group A:                                                           

Ruffles J-1 (RIP winter 2010/11)
Granny J-2
Spieden J-8 (RIP 2013)
Shachi J-19
  Eclipse J-41 and Nova J-51
Onyx L-87
Samish J-14 (RIP August 2016) and her family:
  Hy'Shqa J-37 and T'ilem I'nges J-49
  Suttles J-40
  Se-Yi-Chn J-45
**Slick J-16 and her family:                                                          
      Mike J-26
      Alki J-36 and Sonic J-52
      Echo J-42
      Scarlet J-50 

** The J16s switch between groups.
     The J16s travel off on their own. 
Group B:
Blackberry J-27
Tsuchi J-31
Mako J-39
The Cookies:
  Oreo J-22
  DoubleStuf J-34
  Cookie J-38
  Rhapsody J-32 (RIP 2014)
Princess Angeline J-17 and her family:
  Polaris J-28 (RIP October 2016), Star J-46, and Dipper J-54 (RIP October 2016)
  Tahlequah J-35 and Notch J-47
  Moby J-44
  Kiki   J-53