Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 1, 2017 Group A - Group B - Starting the New Year

It is the beginning of January, 2017

News came in the early afternoon that another whale has died. Granny J-2

2016 was a year of too many losses to this community.

There were 3 losses that basically didn't have a chance:
J-55 - seen only one time
deceased calf being pushed by Tsuchi J-31
deceased calf - necropsy showed a member of the community but no lineage identified   

Group A lost:
Granny J-2

Samish J-14

Group B lost:
Polaris J-28  
Dipper J-54 
DoubleStuf J-34

An additional member of the community not related to J Pod, but who needs to be included in noting deaths is:
Nigel L-95

(I may have missed another...just not sure...)

Whether Group A and Group B will split again remains to be seen.  During December 2016 some members of each family group were seen together.  They were spread far across whatever body of water they were in and spread from the leaders to the trailers, so it was difficult to tell exactly who all were present.

ADDED: And now with Granny J-2 gone, the matriarch of not only J Pod but of the entire community there may be some big changes this next year. Maybe not.  We can only watch and learn.

IN 2016 
When J Pod came in and basically stayed, it was early July. 
It was Granny's Group - Group A that came in first.
Next was part of Group B - the J17s and the J22s. 
Then the J11s  - Group B - showed up with L Pod whales!  

There were times Group A and B were together, including the J16s who sometimes go off on their own. They still are maintaining those close affiliations which they have had for a long, long time, and likely always will.

So are Group A and Group B still just that?  Yes, but...and if nothing else it helps you know who to look for and if you don't find them, then you start expanding to the other Group or possibly even to K or L pod.