Sunday, November 1, 2015

11-1-15 How They Traveled Most of 2015

As of late October 2015

Granny J-2, Onyx L-87, and the J14s were consistent. However, that included the K14 family group who traveled with them almost consistently into October.

The J19s
Shachi J-19, Eclipse J-41 and now she had her first offspring, J-51.
They did some switching between Group A and Group B whales.
It seemed that Notch, J-47, of Group B liked being with little guy J-51.
The first time both Group A and B whales were in the same general vicinity when these two were seen together.
The second time (that I saw) J-51 (group A) and J-47 (Group B) were playing as little kids will do. Their mothers were nearby.  All four were at the back of Group A and toward the front of Group B. That day J-47 and his mother went with Group A.  That is the first time I am aware of the J17 family group (Group B) splitting (J-35 and J-47 belong to the J17s). And they stayed with Group A.

After that the J19s switched back and forth between Group A and Group B throughout the season.

The J16s
The family with two new offspring - J-50 and J-52 - were, as usual, independent and on every encounter one had to see if the J16s were present.  Sometimes they were miles from the rest of J pod.  And the next sighting they might be with J pod.

For the most part Group B traveled together.  However the J22s sometimes split off and spent time with some L pod whales. 

By October J Pod was traveling as a full pod, plus Onyx L-87.

Now with 4 new offspring in J pod (and 2 in L pod) I sometimes wonder if the kids are 'in charge'.  Don't we humans try to keep the kids happy and want to give them time to play with other youngsters.  I wonder if the orcas do that too.  It sure looked like it during far.  November 1, 2105

I'm guessing that with offspring in three different family groups in J pod:
J16s - 2 babies
J17s - 1 baby - 10-24-15 first seen (belongs to J-47's family)

J19s - 1 baby
...there may just be lots of play dates in the future and Groups A and B might be all mixed up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1-21-15 How They Traveled In 2014

During 2014:
Group A and Group B were still just that.  
However, in 2014 they mixed it up a bit.

A sample:

Group A and the J22s
    Everyone else was out

Group A and the K14s
    Group B was out

Group A Minus, the J22s, and the L12s
    Everyone else was out

Group A Minus up in the Strait of Georgia
    J16s down by Whidbey Island
        Group B was out

Late in the year all of J Pod traveled together.