Thursday, July 19, 2012

Group A and Group B

Who Belongs Where in J Pod Group A and Group B?  (List Updated end of October 2016)

Starting in 2010 J pod began spending time in split groups. 

For the most part they have kept their split group configuration the same.

I began calling them Group A and Group B.
It was easier than listing their names/numbers all the time.                
Group A:                                                           

Ruffles J-1 (RIP winter 2010/11)
Granny J-2
Spieden J-8 (RIP 2013)
Shachi J-19
  Eclipse J-41 and Nova J-51
Onyx L-87
Samish J-14 (RIP August 2016) and her family:
  Hy'Shqa J-37 and T'ilem I'nges J-49
  Suttles J-40
  Se-Yi-Chn J-45
**Slick J-16 and her family:                                                          
      Mike J-26
      Alki J-36 and Sonic J-52
      Echo J-42
      Scarlet J-50 

** The J16s switch between groups.
     The J16s travel off on their own. 
Group B:
Blackberry J-27
Tsuchi J-31
Mako J-39
The Cookies:
  Oreo J-22
  DoubleStuf J-34
  Cookie J-38
  Rhapsody J-32 (RIP 2014)
Princess Angeline J-17 and her family:
  Polaris J-28 (RIP October 2016), Star J-46, and Dipper J-54 (RIP October 2016)
  Tahlequah J-35 and Notch J-47
  Moby J-44
  Kiki   J-53